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Here’s a New Twist on How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions –
Help with Getting Them Done is on the Way!

True Botanica 
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Here is a new twist on the good old habit of making New Year’s resolutions, hope you enjoy!  

Let’s make this year special……….actually fulfill and exceed those promises you made to yourself. To start on one’s own is good but to get some help is even better. In case that “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” add our supplements below. Try our suggestions – they really worked for us in the past year.

If you do not find your specific resolution and how to help achieve it below, write to us at and we will give you a personalized suggestion- our pleasure, of course.

But it gets so boring to only think of the body, ok may be the mind too. So we have also included a list of the so called “12 cardinal virtues“. They are qualities that we should want to emulate so that we don’t fall into their opposites. They are not chosen arbitrarily out of some pop culture fantasy. They are deeply rooted in spiritual wisdom and were first given in this version by Rudolf Steiner. Why not choose one or more as a resolution to improve ourselves in the coming year. We would then achieve a truly complete, holistic health in body, mind and spirit and assuredly have a more prosperous and satisfying New Year!

Add the code VIRTUE to receive a 5% discount on all orders between Dec. 24 and Jan. 9th!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

All the Best,

Your Team at True Botanica 

Recipe Contest Update

***The recipe contest entry deadline has been extended until January 9th. Be sure to send your favorite holiday appetizer recipes to for your chance to win a free True Life Sea Salt and True Life Pepper and have your recipe featured on our blog!***

Delicious Recipe Contest – Help End This True Botanica Fued!

We are excited to announce True Botanica’s recipe contest! Help us finally end a raging controversy over a question as old as time: Coarse Pepper or Fine Pepper? This passionate debate has split the True Botanica team in to those who root for True Life Coarse Pepper vs. those who stick to True Life Fine Pepper. Help us decide and finally choose a winner in this office debate.

To enter our recipe contest, send us your favorite savory holiday appetizers to One lucky winner will be selected and their recipe will be featured on our blog. The featured blogger will win a True Life Sea Salt and their choice of True Life Pepper (fine or coarse). Be sure to email us your recipes to enter the contest by 9am CST on Tuesday, December 20th. A winner will be selected later that day, with the featured recipe posted on Wednesday, December 21st, just in time for the holidays. True Life Peppers

Be sure to frequently check out our homepage Poll for when we post the question for you to weigh in on your preferred True Life Pepper!

Are You Late for Christmas?!?

Did you wait too long to order your True Botanica products in time for the holidays? Still want to give that special someone the gift of True Botanica? Well… did you know True Botanica offers gift certificates?True Botanica Gift Certificate

Available for purchase in any dollar amount, these gift certificates can make a great gift for students near and far, coaches, teachers, tutors or other people of service in your life. Let’s not forget about friends and family (and in-laws)!

To order a True Botanica gift certificate, simply call 1-800-315-8783 extension 8. Pick the holiday envelope of your choice and these gift certificates are good to go – we can even mail them off for you (just place your order no later than December 21st for our festive mailing service).

My Favorite Product – Philia

My favorite True Botanica product is the Cleansing Cream (seriously, I use it every day).

This all natural facial cleanser provides a mild exfolition that leaves my skin feeling smooth without drying it out. The exfoliation is gentle enough toTrue Botanica employee holding Cleansing Cream use on a daily basis, unlike other face cleansing products with exfoliation too harsh to use every day. Even in the winter months, when my skin tends to dry out, the Cleansing Cream renews my skin without being abrasive.

This clay based cleanser leaves your face feeling refreshed and renewed without leaving behind any oily residue. This is why I tell all of my friends to use it, because the Cleansing Cream is suitable for any complexion. Another perk to it having the clay base is a small amount goes a long way. Plus, it feels great to know every ingredient in the Cleansing Cream is organic or biodynamic.

Pair it with the Face Moisturizing Cream for an all natural way to bring out your face’s natural glow and radiance. Who wouldn’t want that?

Tell us your favorite product and why.

First Ever True Botanica Foundation Webinar

This week the non-profit True Botanica Foundation hosted its first ever webinar, titled Pelargonium Root Extracts — Novel Immune Respiratory Protection. The webinar featured Pelargonium sidoides, a plant found in South Africa. The plant itself is very interesting. Its branches stay underground, giving it an ability to resist the stresses of nature, making it an ideal ingredient to support the body against the stresses of winter.

The roots of this plant grow even thicker as the plant matures.

Extracts of the Pelargonium root have been used in traditional South African folk heaing against upper respiratory infections, coughs, tuberculosis and gastrointestinal complaints. More recently, however, controlled, clinical studies in Europe have shown that these extracts help relieve the unpleasant symptoms associated with colds and flus, speed up recovery time, have an excellent safety profile and assist in decreasing the duration and severity of bronchitis.

But how exactly, you ask, does it do that? Research has shown that Pelargonium accelerates ciliary beat frequency. Ciliary play an important role in moving mucous out of the body. In this way, Pelargonium extracts assist in the body’s defense of the mucociliary system.

Want to learn more about how and why Pelargonium provides exceptional immune support? Check out this article on Pelargonium sidoides root extracts. You can also visit the True Botanica Foundation website for more extensive research articles on Pelargonium and other unique ingredients. We hope to have the webinar available for those who missed it, so stay tuned for updates.

Fresh Batch of Lungroot!

Tips to Avoid Dry Skin this Winter

The winter season is upon us and with all of the fun holiday traditions, first snow falls and winter activities comes the dry, harsh, cold weather. Here are a few tips from the True Botanica team on ways to avoid dry skin and stay smooth all winter long:

  • Avoid dry skin by taking shorter, cooler showers. As tempting as it may be to soak up hot water on a cold winter morning, doing so can dry out your skin by washing away your body’s natural oils. It is also important to be conscious of the soaps and body scrubs you use, as some may play a role in drying out your skin. Try our Cleansing Cream for a natural face cleanser with mild exfoliation that is not drying or abrasive. 
  • Has your skin ever been so dry that you experience the static-electricity “cling” of your clothes on your body? Our salt scrubs (Rosemary and Orange) are especially good for replenishing the skin oils, leaving you feeling refreshed and “cling” free all day.
  • The next tips might sound more like summer tips, but they are still important for winter. Be sure to stay hydrated, even when the temperature drops. Also, don’t forget the sun block when spending time outdoors. I’m sure you skiers out there know just how harsh the sun can still be even when the temperatures are low. Being conscious of skin exposure can help avoid painful sun or wind burn.
  • Looking for natural moisturizing products that won’t leave you feeling oily? Try our Face Moisturizing Cream and Hand & Body Moisturizer for all  natural creams that do not leave greasy residues. Both are employee favorites because they leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed.  
  • Don’t forget your lips! Want to avoid waking up with dry, cracked lips in the morning? Try applying a thick layer of our Boswellia Lip Balm on your lips before bed. One employee does this every night and swears by it.
  • Even when you’re sleeping, dry air can draw moisture from the body. Consider investing in a humidifier. Sleeping with a humidifier during the driest winter nights will help to combat itchy/dry/flaky skin.  

 Do you have any tips or skin care secrets to avoid dry skin? Share them with us by commenting below.

All of our cosmetics (including creams, body oils, salt scrubs and lip balm) are now on sale for 10% off!