A Problem with Our Multi Vitamins and Minerals?

In recent conversations with colleagues we became aware that even these very dedicated doctors did not know what the many considerable and major qualities of our “multivites” were, or for that matter what the exact name of the product was.Multi Action Vitamin Mental Clarity II Without Iron

We thought that that really was a problem!

It meant to us that we did a poor job of explaining why this really is a special formula. So in case anybody else has that problem with our “multi”…. here goes.

The name is “Multi Action Vitamins-Mental Clarity II without Iron”. It is specifically called multi action because it is meant to help on several levels. It has no iron because many people are concerned that additional iron intake in the supplements may increase the risk of cardio-vascular disease-not true, by the way, but we will address that some other time.

What are the different levels we were referring to above?

First, the formula delivers over 100% of the recommended daily dietary needs for most vitamins and basic minerals.

  • A special feature is the use of methylcobolamin B12 – a more active and easier to metabolize B12 form of this vitamin.

This availability of nutrients and especially trace minerals is very significant since most people do not get the optimal amounts of nutrients in their daily diet.

We firmly believe that substances alone in your diet do not ensure best health. What is also needed is an invigoration of the innate life forces that we all have- the etheric body. Nevertheless when in our economically stressed times most of us try to save on food bills, etc, deficiencies can occur easily and no amount of energy alone is going to overcome the lack of a particular substance.

Secondly, we do, and this is quite unique for a multivitamin/mineral formula, include a number of rhythmically prepared herbs and trace minerals. They are meant to in fact help to energize our life forces and strengthen us.

Thirdly, we include the spice Bioperine® that enhances the absorption and utilization of all nutrients, and-

Finally, we call the overall formula Mental Clarity because it is enhanced by cognition boosting ingredients like lipoic acid, choline, glycine and especially the energizing herb Guarana.

Guarana has been shown to increase mental alertness, improve attention in performance of complex tasks, elevate mood and contentedness and improve memory. Guarana has only a very limited amount of caffeine and many scientists now agree that its effects are probably not due to the caffeine like substances it contains but rather to its antioxidant flavonoids.

A true holistic formula intended to fulfill a threefold health support for body, soul and spirit.

Please remember also that all purchases of our products directly contribute to further anthroposophical/holistic medical research.

No more Mental Clarity problem we hope, but still let us know if any confusion still there!

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