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The Highest Quality Arnica!

True Botanica offers three wonderful Arnica products, which help to support pain relief and sore, tired muscles, joints and tissues. What exactly makes True Botanica Arnica products unique?

  • The almond and olive oil base contains no peanut oil, other adulterants or inferior oils.
  • Cucuminoids, St. John’s oil and Jasper minerals act synergistically to make this product even more effective and to direct it to the right tissues.
  • Cosmoperine®, a natural black pepper extract, increases penetration of the oil in to the deep tissues.
  • We still make our oils “by hand” to ensure freshness and to preserve the active components.
  • Special rhythmical processes are used in the course of manufacturing for even greater quality.
  • No artificial preservatives.

Read on to learn more about the invidual Arnica products… Read More →

What do you do with your banana peels?

Here at True Botanica, we give our banana peels to one of the coworkers, Heidi for her compost. Read on as Heidi shares how she and her family compost year round.Compost Bin

“‘Tis the season for composting, but in my house, compost season lasts all year long thanks to the creepie crawlies that live in my basement!  Any vegetable scraps from the kitchen (orange peels, apple cores, corn cobs, even shredded newspaper) go into our “worm bin”, and after a few weeks, all this waste is transformed into a dark, rich, odor-free compost!  This form of composting, known as “Vermicomposting”, is a great way we reduce our waste output and also make wonderful natural fertilizer for the garden.”

Compost Bin Closeup

Do you compost at home? Share your tips with us below!

Save More – True Botanica Members Club

The newly formulated Throat Defense™, replacing our True Defense™ products, is now available and True Botanica Member’s received an exclusive Members-Only sale! That’s in addition to the overall 5% discount they receive on each and every purchase!

Throat Defense Menthol and BerryIn addition to special promotions, Members Club advantages include:

  • 5% discount on all purchases.
  • One free tincture/month (this benefit alone is worth over $100/year!)
  •  Discount on workshops sponsored by True Botanica.
  • First choice in: limited supply items, end of lot items, or other promotional campaigns.

For more information and to purchase a Membership, please click here.

To purchase Throat Defense Menthol, please click here.

To purchase Thorat Defense Berry, please click here.

New Ingredient Articles Added!

We just added new articles on two health substances – BLIS K12 (Streptococcus salivarius) and Xylitol. While the articles are available in their entirety on the True Botanica Foundation website, you can check out  previews on the company site:

Questions? Let us know at

What’s With All the Gold?

Gold (Latin, Aurum) is a mysterious substance. The medieval alchemists recognized already that due to its special stability it was nearly impossible to “destroy” it. Gold does not combine readily with any other substance. It is very “happy in itself.”Aurum Pentas

Rudolf Steiner confirmed through his spiritual scientific research what the ancient sages also knew, that various metals are corresponding in their energies to the spiritual forces of the various planets. Gold is a perfect picture of the Sun!

From a spiritual healing point of view gold has certain immense qualities. It can help make us more “luminous, give us a more sunny disposition,” and more. Another one is its ability to draw our thoughts deeper into the soul life and make them more “available” to us. In other words we can think better when we take a small dose of highly diluted gold!

Diluted, rhythmically potentized gold always has a balancing, equilibrating effect on all three of body, soul and spirit.

Additional uses of the diluted forms of gold can be found on our website.

(Please keep in mind that we are referring here strictly to rhythmically potentized or diluted gold not the concentrated forms used occasionally in mainstream medicine f. ex. for the treatment of arthritis.)

True Botanica’s “Pot Of Gold”

True Botanica Pot of Gold - Aurum Pentas, Aurum Pentas Cream, Boswellia 3k, Relief 4x Cream

True Botanica Travels!

This weekend Dr. Kamsler and the Doctors Rentea will be in New York City to attend the annual Seiner Books Spiritual Research Seminar. In addition, each of the doctors will be a featured speaker. We wish them the best of luck at this year’s seminar, titled “Medicine and Healing, Body, Soul & Spirit: New Pathways toward the Art and Science of Healing.”

Meanwhile, locally, two of the True Botanica coworkers are going to Madison to support the Wisconsin Naturopathic Physicians Association’s 2012 Midwest Regional CE Conference, focusing on Lyme Disease. It promises to be a very informative event.

We hope you all have a great weekend — Be sure to stop by to say hi if you will be at either event!

For a list of True Botanica’s upcoming and previous events, please visit the True Botanica Foundation website

My Favorite Product – Patrick

My favorite True Botanica product to take is the Multi-Action Vitamin Mental Clarity II – Without Iron. I like this product because it helps make me feel more focused in the mornings and ready for my day. It also doesn’t hurt that I get the benefit of all essential viatmins and minerals along side the increased focus.

PatrickThe MAV Mental Clarity II – Without Iron has Guarana in it. Guarana is an energizing herb that has been shown to:

  • increase mental alertness,
  • improve attention in performance of complex tasks,
  • elevate mood and contentedness
  • and improve memory.

Tell us your favorite product and why.