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Wondering What to Buy Mom this Mother’s Day?

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Mother's Day Image

Are you wondering what to buy for the mother in your life this Mother’s Day? Consider one of our women’s health specific products – Breast Protect Plus™ and Women’s Energy Plus™ or one of our all-natural cosmetics, salt scrubs and bath oils. All are on sale now for 10% off now until Mother’s Day! Check out all of our Mother’s Day gift ideas here.

Mother’s Day is less than 3 weeks away, so make sure to place your orders in time!

What do you have planned for Mother’s Day?

Philia’s Garden – Just in Time for Earth Day

One True Botanica coworker prepared her garden, just in time for Earth Day. Read on as she shares how she got started.

This year for the first time I decided to try planting a vegetable and herb garden using organic soil and biodynamic seeds! I decided to plant tomatoes, thyme, zucchini, broccoli, basil and carrots.

Biodynamic SeedsPotted seeds_side 2

Hopefully in 4-6 weeks my seedlings will be ready to plant out doors when I plant them. I’m very excited to see how my garden progresses. Stay tuned, as I will be posting updates along the way!

Philia's Seeds - Potted

What are you planting in your garden? Have you considered using biodynamic methods? Do you have any gardening tips? Let us know by commenting below!

From the Archive – Should I take all my supplements in the morning and “get it over with?”

This blog post was originally published back in December of 2010 but it is a question that is still commonly asked today. If you have not already read this informative post, Dr. Rentea shares his thoughts regarding the time of day supplements should be taken.

Should I take all my supplements in the morning and “get it over with?”

Of course not-but why not?

Many of us look at a recommendation to take a health supplement several times a day as a burden and swallow multiple dosages in one fell swoop. But think about this.

We have all experienced how we are more likely to do complicated tasks in the morning and want to listen to a concert or do artistic activities in the evening. We know that there is a circadian rhythm to the body functions such that the adrenal gland puts out more cortisone in the early hours of the morning and another hormone melatonin is secreted to help us go to sleep.

Rudolf Steiner confirms these physically observable phenomena by adding that our life body (etheric body) is undergoing three distinct phases during a 24 hour cycle, starting with awakening, transitioning over the lunch time and going into evening.

The same drops taken from an herbal tincture will thus have a completely different pathway depending what time it is consumed.

Here is another example. Inflammatory processes tend to be more intense over night. Substances given in the form of a supplement will in general at best have a reasonable blood level for 6-8 hours. An anti inflammatory herbal supplement like curcumin or boswellia for ex. taken only once daily in the AM will thus have most of its effectiveness dissipated by the time the most help is needed.

By Ross Rentea

Now On Sale – St. John’s Wort Plus!

We have updated Our Latest Offer!

Our Latest Offer - St. John's Wort Plus

Our St. John’s Wort Plus™ product is now on sale, with a 15% discount!

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) promotes:

  • A sense of well being and upbeat mood;
  • A strong immune defense;
  • A longer sleep pattern;
  • A healthy liver and urinary bladder function;
  • A normal inflammatory state through 5-lipoxygenase inhibition;
  • A clean skin.

To purchase St. John’s Wort Plus™ at the discounted price of $13.18, click here or call 1-800-294-0043.

Questions? Let us know!

True Botanica Ingredients in My Easter Basket?

While many are excited to decorate Easter Egg shells around this time of year, we at True Botanica are excited about egg shells year round. This is because of the important role egg shells have in two of our unique products: Cartilage Complex™ and Calcium AM-PM™.

Cartilage Complex in Easter BasketOur Cartilage Complex™ contains NEM®, the novel, patented, natural eggshell membrane. Eggshell membrane not only consists of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine like substances but also hyaluronic acid, collagen and other proteins. NEM® has been shown to imporve join health faster than any other joint health ingredient. Check out the full product description for information.

Our Calcium  AM-PM™ contains egg shell derived calcium. This organically derived calcium has outstanding absorption and digestive tolerability as well as a fast action time. The egg shell calcium offered here is salvaged and extracted from the nearly 500,000(!) tons of egg shells that are discarded every year by the food industry. Remarkably at the end of the manufacturing process the only ecological foot print left is steam.

Curious to learn more? Check out the full product description at the True Botanica online store: Cartilage Complex™ and Calcium AM-PM™.

We wish you a very Happy Easter and best of luck on any Easter Egg hunts!

An Important Spring Message From True Botanica

Read this important Spring message from True Botanica and tell us what you think!

Dear Friends, Dear Readers,

Whether you celebrate Easter, or Passover, or just even the enduring capacity of the human race to carry Higher Ideals (a Mystery in itself), this is the time of the year when we caRepresentative of Man Imagen feel a resurgence of inner power, a sense that Life will continue and the Good will overcome.

We feel ourselves attracted to the outside, luminous, greening world of nature and from this surrounding World we feel mysteriously how a renewed strength is given to carry us forward.

This is a mighty impulse that should last the whole year until the next Spring – but does it?

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