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Spring Essentials!

Now that we are well in to spring, we thought we’d share some of our favorite must-have products for the season. Read on as a few True Botanica coworkers share some of their Spring Essentials:


Wisconsin winters are so cold and I spend most of them in hibernation mode… until spring finally rolls in and I catch a severe case of Spring Fever!!  No more Couch Potato, I want to do nothing but run, ride my bike, dig up the garden, play sand volleyball and chase the kids around the yard.  The morning after a good full day, my body reminds me that, although I sometimes act like it, I am not the spry teenager I once was.  I keep the Relief 4x Cream on my nightstand (to take the edge off), and a bottle of Joint Relief Plus in the medicine cabinet (to keep my joints healthy for springs-to-come).     


This spring I’ve been working on my first garden using organic and biodynamic seeds. It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun (so far). All of the prep work has involved a lot of digging in the dirt, and in turn, washing my hands. I’ve used the Hand & Body Moisturizer to keep my skin soft and moisturized. I’ve also been outside quite a bit in the sun and wind and make sure to keep my Boswellia Lip Balm in my pocket at all times to keep my lips smooth.  I’ve been tracking the progress of my garden so be sure to check back for updates on how my garden is coming along!


My body tends to be pretty sensitive to the changing of the season and with it comes the sneezing and dreaded “clogged up” feeling in my head. I’m not one to sit still, so I make sure to have a bottle of Sinus Plus and AKBA Plus nearby. Both have helped clear up my head so I can breathe freely and go on with my day. I already take the AKBA Plus daily to help with post-workout stiffness, so adding the Sinus Plus was an easy adjustment.

Patrick’s (a new addition after Memorial Day)

This weekend I took advantage of the warm weather and fired up the grill. I made steak, crusted with our True Life Pepper (coarse). Just load it on so it soaks in before tossing it on the grill. It really adds a great flavor and is quick and easy. Right before I serve the steaks I sprinkle on the True Life Sea Salt as a final touch. The Sea Salt also goes great on grilled vegetables.

What are your Spring Essentials??

DBlog Week Day 3 – One Thing to Improve

What can we do better in regards to diabetes?

Perhaps the one most dramatic improvement we could strive for would be to increase our understanding of the spiritual dimension of this disease (but even more of sugar, as a substance, as such). How can we strengthen our thinking, feeling and willing in such a specific way that the physical symptoms will respond to our satisfaction. Generalities like relaxation, etc are not enough, just like saying to ourselves that we should have a “good” diet would not be considered acceptable if left at that level.

In this respect the very detailed work of Rudolf Steiner, which he calls Anthroposophy, is excellent. It demands some persistence in “getting it” but it’s well worth the effort. The surprising thing is that coming closer to having a feeling for the unseen makes us so much better at observing the seen. As we were asked to say for today: “why not make today the day we start working on it”.

Ross Rentea MD

*This week we are participating in Diabetes Blog Week to discuss and bring awareness to the topic of diabetes.

DBlog Week Day 2 – One Great Thing for Diabetes!

If I would have to pick one, just one, great thing that I have seen people do who want to maintain a better health in this regard it is to add a nutritional supplement containing berberine to the rest of the proper diet and life style changes. This natural plant extract obtained from herbs like barberry, goldenseal and others has nearly miraculous properties at many levels. Before you take it though make sure you use a full spectrum high quality formula.

Ross Rentea MD

*This week we are participating in Diabetes Blog Week to discuss and bring awareness to the topic of diabetes. Today’s topic was to discuss one thing those with diabetes do “spectacularly” to maintain their health.

Attention — Diabetes Week

This week we will be blogging about diabetes.

Why are we doing this? Because this week is the 3rd annual Diabetes Blog Week, organized by blogger Karen Graffeo, where a bunch of bloggers get together to discuss and bring awareness to the topic of diabetes.  You can check out Karen’s blog, Bitter~Sweet Diabetes, for a list of other bloggers participating in Diabetes Blog Week.

Be sure to check back the rest of the week as we continue posting on a variety of topics focused on diabetes.  Or better yet, follow us, so you can get instant updates sent directly to you whenever a new post is made!

Happy Mother’s Day from True Botanica

Happy Mother’s Day from True Botanica! Be sure to thank the special mother in your life.

Mother's Day

True Botanica Celebrates Cinco de Mayo!

Let’s remember Cinco de Mayo, May 5th, a celebration of Mexican heritage and culture.

To add to your enjoyment we thought you would like to participate in our special offer:

Anyone who writes to us in Spanish
requesting their favorite tincture
will receive a code to buy one tincture and

Get the second one FREE! 

Write to

¡Feliz Cinco de May!

Pamper Your Mother This Year

Do you need some ideas on what to get mom this Mother’s Day? Check out the gift basket one True Botanica coworker put together to pamper her mom this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Basket

This year I put together my version of a home spa basket for my mom, as a special way of showing my thanks for how she takes care of all of us. I included a pedicure kit, so she can get her toes ready for sandal season. I made sure to include the Orange Salt Scrub, perfect to use on the legs and feet before the pedicure, and Hand & Body Moisturizing Cream to keep the smooth skin after. I also got her a Boswellia Lip Balm, because she likes having one in every purse. Of course I couldn’t forget to throw in her favorite – chocolate.

What are you getting for mom this Mother’s Day?

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

One True Botanica coworker shares this photo of her backyard. Have the April showers brought your yard or garden blooming May flowers?