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True Botanica Coworker Travels – Wisconsin Adventure!

One True Botanica coworker traveled throughout Wisconsin this weekend and had quite the adventure. Read on to hear about her trip, including the special plant she stumbled upon.

 This past Sunday, my fiancé Luke and I had a 3 hour drive ahead of us and all day with which to do it.  Instead of taking the freeway, we bought a Wisconsin highway map and opted for a little backroads adventure.  We saw some bizarre yard decorations, beautiful scenery, and loads of cows that we wouldn’t have otherwise seen.  I also saw tons of Angelica growing along the roadsides, right at its peak in the growing season, so I couldn’t resist stopping to get a few photos.  It is truly a breathtaking plant, and I hope that you enjoy the pictures!

 Heidi standing next to Angelica - Photo Courtesy of Luke Wein Angelica - Photo courtesy of Luke Wein

Angelica - Photo courtesy of Luke Wein Angelica - Photo courtesy of Luke Wein

All photos courtesy of Luke Wein.

Do you know which True Botanica products contain Angelica?

True Botanica Travel Essentials

One True Botanica coworker is going on vacation and of course couldn’t forget to pack a few of her True Botanica Travel Essentials.

Suitecase with True Botanica products

In my suitcase you’ll find:

  • Throat Defense: Let’s be honest, crowded planes are not the most germ-free of places. Thankfully my Throat Defense Berry is small enough that I can bring it with me when I travel to give me extra immune support.
  • Clear and Calm: I’m not a fan of flying, but the Clear and Calm helps keep me relaxed before and during my flight. I’m sure my travel buddies will be relieved to hear of that!
  • AKBA Plus: The last thing I want to spend my vacation doing is sneezing and wheezing. I already take AKBA Plus daily, so why stop on vacation?
  • Face Moisturizing Cream: This is part of my morning routine so whenever I travel I make sure to bring my Face Moisturizing Cream, especially when I know I’ll be outside in the sun and need to keep my skin moisturized.
  • Relief 4x Cream: I’m sure we’ll be walking around and seeing all there is to see, so I know the Relief 4x Cream will be just what I for my aching legs at the end of the day.

What are some of your travel essentials?

Arnica and My Cell Phone

This week we made a fresh batch of Real Arnica Ultra Cream and it reminded us of an article Dr. Rentea wrote. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

My Cell Phone and Arnica!

I was standing in the midst of hundreds of acres of beautiful Biodynamic farms, with the only sound coming from buzzing summer insects, when… my cell phone went off – with a call from 200 miles away. That’s when it struck me! What unimaginable electromagnetic waves we must be exposed to every day if we are “reachable” even when no physical means of contact are visible. Any wonder that we feel constantly on sensory overload? The thought then followed that we need to strengthen our periphery even more than I believed was necessary, to withstand the visible – and invisible –  onslaught against our senses, on our periphery.

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Philia’s Garden — Update!

A few weeks ago we told you how one True Botanica coworker was starting to prepare her garden. If you missed that post, you can get caught up to speed here. We promised to keep you posted on her progress, so here it is!

This year I decided to take on the project of trying to grow vegetables using biodynamic seeds in organic soil! Next year I will try and expand this by using biodynamic preparations in the dirt.

Because there was no good space for our garden, we decided to build a raised vegetable bed, concept, design and inspiration came from this article . We ended up using Cedar for the wood, and then gave it a food safe mineral oil wash to keep it looking good throughout the year. Along the way there were various points of excitement; the ground breaking,  having to fill the bed with the dirt at 8pm at night (the dirt had mistakenly been delivered on the wrong day and left in the alley for us to move) and then finally seeing the raised bed finished and planted. Check out some pictures from start-finish of the project.

Planter box 1 Planter box 2

Planter box 3 Planter box 4

Planter box 5 Planter box 7