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Stomach Aid’s Dual Function Support

Dual Function

The combination of calcium carbonate and enzymes in our Stomach Aid fulfills a dual function by:

  • Alleviating the occasional heartburn – by neutralizing stomach acid;
  • Continuing to support the digestive processes – through enzymes that have been selected to function at this more comfortable pH level.

Stomach acid is an essential requirement for the digestion and absorption of many nutrients. In preparations where only an antacid is used, the stomach digestion is incomplete (since most stomach enzymes do not work well in a neutral environment) and undigested food particles may cause problems such as: bloating, gas and discomfort in the intestinal tract and even disturbances in the immune system if undigested food particles reach the blood.

This is why it is advantageous for a formula to combine an antacid function with digestive enzymes functions that even in a changed environment.

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Why the “Plus” in Ivy Plus?

What is Unique About Our New Ivy Plus?

Our Ivy Plus formula not only contains high quality ivy leaf extract but also includes the salts of the native plant. This gives the composition a “PLUS” over other ivy products, and increases its effectiveness. It has proven itself to many customers who have tried it.Ivy Plus

Ivy is known to support:

  • A healthy respiratory tract
    (recognized claim by the German Commission E- a prestigious government body overseeing herbal supplements);
  • Loosening of mucous;
  • A deeper, easier breathing;
  • Anti-oxidant effects;
  • Maintaining a calm and quiet respiratory tract.

Have you tried the Ivy Plus yet?

GMP Compliance

True Botanica inspected for GMP Compliance

On June 24th, St. John’s Day, the True Botanica company was inspected to see if we were in compliance with legal regulations relating to the norms of manufacturing, hygiene, accountability to our customers, and more. We are happy to report that after 8 hours of review of thousands of company documents, inspection of every corner of the production facility as such, the warehouse, the restrooms(!) and more, the inspector expressed amazement at the high level of excellence in all fields.

The additional suggestions he made were of the nature “On the door to the warehouse you should have a sign saying “Warehouse” to show anyone who is approaching that the warehouse is beyond it.”

We are sharing this to show our commitment to you, our faithful customers and friends, that we continue to be an organization that is worthy of your support and worthy of producing anthroposophical remedies and supplements.

I personally want to express my gratitude to Mark Kamsler for his incredible job at learning about the rules and regulations and implementing them with the help of Philia Kelnhofer. Of course, none of this knowledge would do any good if the whole community of co-workers had not paid attention to the stringent rules and regulations on a daily basis. Thanks to all!

Dr. Ross  Rentea