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What do you do with your banana peels?

Here at True Botanica, we give our banana peels to one of the coworkers, Heidi for her compost. Read on as Heidi shares how she and her family compost year round.Compost Bin

“‘Tis the season for composting, but in my house, compost season lasts all year long thanks to the creepie crawlies that live in my basement!  Any vegetable scraps from the kitchen (orange peels, apple cores, corn cobs, even shredded newspaper) go into our “worm bin”, and after a few weeks, all this waste is transformed into a dark, rich, odor-free compost!  This form of composting, known as “Vermicomposting”, is a great way we reduce our waste output and also make wonderful natural fertilizer for the garden.”

Compost Bin Closeup

Do you compost at home? Share your tips with us below!

Why Take the Potassium Reservoir™ Supplement from True Botanica?

This question is frequently asked by our faithful customers who note that if the daily requirement for potassium is about 5,000 mg it doesn’t make much sense to take a supplement that (by law) contains only a maximum of 99 mg/serving of elemental, actual, potassium.

You should do it and here is why.

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A Problem with Our Multi Vitamins and Minerals?

In recent conversations with colleagues we became aware that even these very dedicated doctors did not know what the many considerable and major qualities of our “multivites” were, or for that matter what the exact name of the product was.Multi Action Vitamin Mental Clarity II Without Iron

We thought that that really was a problem!

It meant to us that we did a poor job of explaining why this really is a special formula. So in case anybody else has that problem with our “multi”…. here goes.

The name is “Multi Action Vitamins-Mental Clarity II without Iron”. It is specifically called multi action because it is meant to help on several levels. It has no iron because many people are concerned that additional iron intake in the supplements may increase the risk of cardio-vascular disease-not true, by the way, but we will address that some other time.

What are the different levels we were referring to above?

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Discussions and Contributions

Review of a new publication:

Unbornness by Peter Selg  (

One of the major contributions of Rudolf Steiner consisted in describing the path of the human individuality to earth as it approaches the moment when it unites with the developing embryo.

Astonishingly, in a world where vague notions of an immortality, life after life, are becoming increasingly “fundamentalistically” disputed, and in a world where the morality of abortion is causing divisions with religious fervor, no discussion exists at all around the question of: where do I come  from before even the first cell in the embryo has divided.

The physician Peter Selg has undoubtedly performed a great service by bringing the theme of “pre-birthness” to our attention in a well thought through book. Expanding our understanding of the true nature of the human being will not let us look at medical problems in the old ways ever again.

Possibly one wishes that the title would not have been “unbornness”   which, considering what it wants to point to might be confusing. Nevertheless, the sub title says it all: “Human Pre-Existence and the Journey toward Birth”.

A much deserved thanks to the author and the publishing house (under the leadership of Gene Gollogly)

By Ross Rentea MD



Dear Friends, Dear Readers,

If you believe that there should be a place:

  • where your voice and needs are heard concerning your health in body, soul and spirit; (Is there any topic that does not affect your health and lifestyle?);
  • where causes of health and illness can be explored in depth from the point of view of both physical and spiritual aspects and beyond the latest vogue and clichés;
  • where you can engage in conversations concerning anthroposophical medicine and pharmacy, biodynamic agriculture, eurhythmy, Waldorf pedagogy, etc as they relate to your health;
  • where certified anthroposophical  licensed physicians contribute to the exchange;
  • where the spiritual scientific research of Rudolf Steiner is respected and deepened;

then  you have come to the right place and

We welcome you to the conversation.