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Join Us in Building an Experimental Laboratory

Our Heartfelt Appeal to All

Dear Friends,

We want to describe to you a project that we cannot do alone. We are hoping for community help.

Anthroposophic, homeopathic and for that matter of fact all natural health fields suffer of one overwhelming deficiency: no research laboratory in which basic questions of natural medicine can be investigated in an effective, cost efficient, affordable manner.

Such research should ideally show the working of spiritual forces in the physical world.

We are ready to build such a lab!

Gratefully yours,

The True Botanica Foundation

Yes, Virginia, you can always tell the truth in the USA, and yes, there is a Santa Claus.

Dear Dr. Rentea,

My name is Virginia and I am 8 years old.

Some of my friends say that we can always tell the whole truth in the USA. Is that so?

My Papa says, “Write the guys at the True Botanica company. (But I have also decided to write to the TB Foundation). See what they say. They always tell the whole truth”. (I don’t know why but then he had a hearty laugh.)

So I am writing to you: Please tell me: Can I always tell the truth in the USA?

Dear Virginia,

It’s confusing out there and your friends are both right and wrong. Let me explain.

First of all, you can, and you should, always, and I mean always, be honest and truthful with yourself.

Secondly you can, and you should, tell people around you the truth but only to the extent to which they can take it. While you do that help them to grow strong enough to tolerate the whole truth in due time. After all that’s what God does with us.   

Then, if you keep all that in mind, when you are in public pretty much you can tell the truth as long as you are not in the business of manufacturing natural supplements.  

You see, for example, if you are a manufacturer of a wonderful product containing berberine you cannot say that it may help people in the managing of diabetes – even though it is the truth. Dozens upon dozens of studies have shown that this natural plant extract does just that, but you cannot say it. Why? Because under an antiquated law only “drugs” can improve, or “mitigate” illnesses and in order for a substance to become a drug you need to spend millions of dollars in order to get it approved by the Food and Drug  (FDA) administration. 

Here is another example. If you are producing a bag of tart cherries you cannot say on the same page where you display the product that tart cherries have been shown to lower uric acid levels and help with gout because that would make the tart cherries an “unapproved drug” and selling them as such can land you in jail.

We and many companies like us encounter this problem every day and you and your parents suffer because of it. We will never lie to you but we cannot tell you the whole truth either, which is that our ingredients are based on research that proves that they are effective in certain disease states.

I know that this is nonsense Virginia but the government has determined that we should only list our products and then instead of telling you right then and there what the research shows about those items we should let you hunt around the internet on your own in order to find out more details about them. This way instead of having licensed physicians (in our case) present carefully screened and balanced material you may then get the opinions of real quacks and the very snake oil peddlers that the government is trying to protect you from.

The problem is, Virginia, that the Supreme Court recently determined that you can even lie in some fields because freedom of speech needs to be safeguarded. If you lie about having earned military honors it may be annoying to your friends and neighbors but you are not going to have the government come after you and maybe put you in jail. But the Supreme Court has not gotten around to determining that under the First Amendment you can tell the truth in the supplement manufacturing field.

Sadly Virginia there are many powerful groups in the natural and food industry that fight to make sure those bad laws get followed by everybody and thus supposedly we create an “even playing field.” We should concentrate more on changing the bad laws rather than worrying about how to make them manageable. Otherwise it would be same as arguing which is the most humane way to treat slaves. Let’s abolish slavery!

Maybe you can ask your parents to help us do something about it.

Have a Wonderful 4th of July!

Ross Rentea MD

P.S. Since in our country, by and large, freedom of speech is protected, be careful, since people may not always be truthful with you. Watch out what comes at you. If say, in 20 years from now people tell you that you are really thin you should first look in the mirror before taking their word for it.

And one more thing. I think it was your great – grandmother that asked the editor of the New York Sun back in 1897 whether there is a Santa Claus. Virginia, I agree with him that yes, there is a Santa Claus, and totally honest freedom of speech, where you can tell the whole truth, lives in the same place of the loving heart that Santa Claus lives in.

Again Happy 4th of July.

DBlog Week Day 3 – One Thing to Improve

What can we do better in regards to diabetes?

Perhaps the one most dramatic improvement we could strive for would be to increase our understanding of the spiritual dimension of this disease (but even more of sugar, as a substance, as such). How can we strengthen our thinking, feeling and willing in such a specific way that the physical symptoms will respond to our satisfaction. Generalities like relaxation, etc are not enough, just like saying to ourselves that we should have a “good” diet would not be considered acceptable if left at that level.

In this respect the very detailed work of Rudolf Steiner, which he calls Anthroposophy, is excellent. It demands some persistence in “getting it” but it’s well worth the effort. The surprising thing is that coming closer to having a feeling for the unseen makes us so much better at observing the seen. As we were asked to say for today: “why not make today the day we start working on it”.

Ross Rentea MD

*This week we are participating in Diabetes Blog Week to discuss and bring awareness to the topic of diabetes.

DBlog Week Day 2 – One Great Thing for Diabetes!

If I would have to pick one, just one, great thing that I have seen people do who want to maintain a better health in this regard it is to add a nutritional supplement containing berberine to the rest of the proper diet and life style changes. This natural plant extract obtained from herbs like barberry, goldenseal and others has nearly miraculous properties at many levels. Before you take it though make sure you use a full spectrum high quality formula.

Ross Rentea MD

*This week we are participating in Diabetes Blog Week to discuss and bring awareness to the topic of diabetes. Today’s topic was to discuss one thing those with diabetes do “spectacularly” to maintain their health.

Attention — Diabetes Week

This week we will be blogging about diabetes.

Why are we doing this? Because this week is the 3rd annual Diabetes Blog Week, organized by blogger Karen Graffeo, where a bunch of bloggers get together to discuss and bring awareness to the topic of diabetes.  You can check out Karen’s blog, Bitter~Sweet Diabetes, for a list of other bloggers participating in Diabetes Blog Week.

Be sure to check back the rest of the week as we continue posting on a variety of topics focused on diabetes.  Or better yet, follow us, so you can get instant updates sent directly to you whenever a new post is made!

From the Archive – Should I take all my supplements in the morning and “get it over with?”

This blog post was originally published back in December of 2010 but it is a question that is still commonly asked today. If you have not already read this informative post, Dr. Rentea shares his thoughts regarding the time of day supplements should be taken.

Should I take all my supplements in the morning and “get it over with?”

Of course not-but why not?

Many of us look at a recommendation to take a health supplement several times a day as a burden and swallow multiple dosages in one fell swoop. But think about this.

We have all experienced how we are more likely to do complicated tasks in the morning and want to listen to a concert or do artistic activities in the evening. We know that there is a circadian rhythm to the body functions such that the adrenal gland puts out more cortisone in the early hours of the morning and another hormone melatonin is secreted to help us go to sleep.

Rudolf Steiner confirms these physically observable phenomena by adding that our life body (etheric body) is undergoing three distinct phases during a 24 hour cycle, starting with awakening, transitioning over the lunch time and going into evening.

The same drops taken from an herbal tincture will thus have a completely different pathway depending what time it is consumed.

Here is another example. Inflammatory processes tend to be more intense over night. Substances given in the form of a supplement will in general at best have a reasonable blood level for 6-8 hours. An anti inflammatory herbal supplement like curcumin or boswellia for ex. taken only once daily in the AM will thus have most of its effectiveness dissipated by the time the most help is needed.

By Ross Rentea

True Botanica Ingredients in My Easter Basket?

While many are excited to decorate Easter Egg shells around this time of year, we at True Botanica are excited about egg shells year round. This is because of the important role egg shells have in two of our unique products: Cartilage Complex™ and Calcium AM-PM™.

Cartilage Complex in Easter BasketOur Cartilage Complex™ contains NEM®, the novel, patented, natural eggshell membrane. Eggshell membrane not only consists of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine like substances but also hyaluronic acid, collagen and other proteins. NEM® has been shown to imporve join health faster than any other joint health ingredient. Check out the full product description for information.

Our Calcium  AM-PM™ contains egg shell derived calcium. This organically derived calcium has outstanding absorption and digestive tolerability as well as a fast action time. The egg shell calcium offered here is salvaged and extracted from the nearly 500,000(!) tons of egg shells that are discarded every year by the food industry. Remarkably at the end of the manufacturing process the only ecological foot print left is steam.

Curious to learn more? Check out the full product description at the True Botanica online store: Cartilage Complex™ and Calcium AM-PM™.

We wish you a very Happy Easter and best of luck on any Easter Egg hunts!

The Highest Quality Arnica!

True Botanica offers three wonderful Arnica products, which help to support pain relief and sore, tired muscles, joints and tissues. What exactly makes True Botanica Arnica products unique?

  • The almond and olive oil base contains no peanut oil, other adulterants or inferior oils.
  • Cucuminoids, St. John’s oil and Jasper minerals act synergistically to make this product even more effective and to direct it to the right tissues.
  • Cosmoperine®, a natural black pepper extract, increases penetration of the oil in to the deep tissues.
  • We still make our oils “by hand” to ensure freshness and to preserve the active components.
  • Special rhythmical processes are used in the course of manufacturing for even greater quality.
  • No artificial preservatives.

Read on to learn more about the invidual Arnica products… Read More →

New Ingredient Articles Added!

We just added new articles on two health substances – BLIS K12 (Streptococcus salivarius) and Xylitol. While the articles are available in their entirety on the True Botanica Foundation website, you can check out  previews on the company site:

Questions? Let us know at

Why Take the Potassium Reservoir™ Supplement from True Botanica?

This question is frequently asked by our faithful customers who note that if the daily requirement for potassium is about 5,000 mg it doesn’t make much sense to take a supplement that (by law) contains only a maximum of 99 mg/serving of elemental, actual, potassium.

You should do it and here is why.

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