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What’s With All the Gold?

Gold (Latin, Aurum) is a mysterious substance. The medieval alchemists recognized already that due to its special stability it was nearly impossible to “destroy” it. Gold does not combine readily with any other substance. It is very “happy in itself.”Aurum Pentas

Rudolf Steiner confirmed through his spiritual scientific research what the ancient sages also knew, that various metals are corresponding in their energies to the spiritual forces of the various planets. Gold is a perfect picture of the Sun!

From a spiritual healing point of view gold has certain immense qualities. It can help make us more “luminous, give us a more sunny disposition,” and more. Another one is its ability to draw our thoughts deeper into the soul life and make them more “available” to us. In other words we can think better when we take a small dose of highly diluted gold!

Diluted, rhythmically potentized gold always has a balancing, equilibrating effect on all three of body, soul and spirit.

Additional uses of the diluted forms of gold can be found on our website.

(Please keep in mind that we are referring here strictly to rhythmically potentized or diluted gold not the concentrated forms used occasionally in mainstream medicine f. ex. for the treatment of arthritis.)

My Favorite Product – Patrick

My favorite True Botanica product to take is the Multi-Action Vitamin Mental Clarity II – Without Iron. I like this product because it helps make me feel more focused in the mornings and ready for my day. It also doesn’t hurt that I get the benefit of all essential viatmins and minerals along side the increased focus.

PatrickThe MAV Mental Clarity II – Without Iron has Guarana in it. Guarana is an energizing herb that has been shown to:

  • increase mental alertness,
  • improve attention in performance of complex tasks,
  • elevate mood and contentedness
  • and improve memory.

Tell us your favorite product and why.

Why Take the Potassium Reservoir™ Supplement from True Botanica?

This question is frequently asked by our faithful customers who note that if the daily requirement for potassium is about 5,000 mg it doesn’t make much sense to take a supplement that (by law) contains only a maximum of 99 mg/serving of elemental, actual, potassium.

You should do it and here is why.

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My Favorite Product – Alyssa

My favorite True Botanica product is the Face Moisturizing Cream.

When I first tried the Face Moisturizing Cream, I had no idea what astaxanthin was. For those of you like me, allow me to elaborate. Astaxanthin is an all Alyssa holding Face Moisturizing Creamnatural red algae extract. It’s what gives the cream its pink color. Here’s some more info on astaxanthin:

  • It is an antioxidant
  • Relieves skin irritations and inflammation
  • Helps protect from UV sun rays
  • Restores collagen and elastin integrity
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Has a natural anti-wrinkle activity, particularly around the eyes.

It’s basically an all in one moisturizer! As someone with dry skin, moisture is my top priority and this cream does just that without feeling or looking oily. Plus, as an added bonus, it has an amazing, fresh scent!

I use the Face Moisturizing Cream every single day and make sure I have an order in for my next bottle before my current one runs out (I would not know what to do if that happened).  

Tell us your favorite product and why.

“Bee” a Part of Our Wordless Wednesday!

Closeup of beeswax

Do you know which of our products use this biodynamic beeswax? Take a guess! Three lucky winners will win a free True Botanica product! Simply email your guesses to

First Ever True Botanica Foundation Webinar

This week the non-profit True Botanica Foundation hosted its first ever webinar, titled Pelargonium Root Extracts — Novel Immune Respiratory Protection. The webinar featured Pelargonium sidoides, a plant found in South Africa. The plant itself is very interesting. Its branches stay underground, giving it an ability to resist the stresses of nature, making it an ideal ingredient to support the body against the stresses of winter.

The roots of this plant grow even thicker as the plant matures.

Extracts of the Pelargonium root have been used in traditional South African folk heaing against upper respiratory infections, coughs, tuberculosis and gastrointestinal complaints. More recently, however, controlled, clinical studies in Europe have shown that these extracts help relieve the unpleasant symptoms associated with colds and flus, speed up recovery time, have an excellent safety profile and assist in decreasing the duration and severity of bronchitis.

But how exactly, you ask, does it do that? Research has shown that Pelargonium accelerates ciliary beat frequency. Ciliary play an important role in moving mucous out of the body. In this way, Pelargonium extracts assist in the body’s defense of the mucociliary system.

Want to learn more about how and why Pelargonium provides exceptional immune support? Check out this article on Pelargonium sidoides root extracts. You can also visit the True Botanica Foundation website for more extensive research articles on Pelargonium and other unique ingredients. We hope to have the webinar available for those who missed it, so stay tuned for updates.

Fresh Batch of Lungroot!

Wordless Wednesday – Herbs, herbs and more herbs!