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Finally! What Your Feet Have Been Waiting For…


What your Feet have been waiting for

A New Refreshing Food Cream

– With menthol, peppermint, incredibly natural oils, unique gem stone derived trace minerals and more! –

(If we hadn’t made an equally beautiful cream for the upper part of the body, your face would surely envy the feet.)

Refreshing Foot Cream

Feeling refreshed, feeling smooth…

Do you prefer dry, scaly skin on your feet, or a smooth and velvety feeling? Do you prefer a tired, exhausted feeling before you go to sleep, or a new stream of well being to help you let go of the day’s stress? Do you prefer to start the day “with lead in your feet,” or with a lightness that makes you think you have wings by your ankles? You don’t have to answer –we think we know the answer!

 Feeling healthier…

The feet deserve a much higher amount of attention than they get. After all, we carry our entire body weight on them. We have known for centuries that the whole body, with every single organ, is mapped on the soles of the feet. A treatment that pays attention to this detail is called foot reflexology. You can have your very own treatment every day by applying it on your feet and ankles and gently massaging it in. Since we have added boswellia, curcumin oils and gem stone derived minerals (of the kind that are particularly important to the feet), much needed energy is attracted now to that area of your body.

This treatment is particularly important to all those whose jobs force them to stand on their feet a lot. But those sitting in front of computers all day will benefit too. During sedentary times, blood pools into the lower legs, increasing the discomfort associated with increased fluid in the lower legs. Try this for a while: massage the feet every morning and evening and compare the difference to before. By the way, massage your feet (and calves) even more frequently if you have to travel longer distances and really cannot move freely.

I wonder if one can put it this way: taking care of the face is 80% cosmetic and 20% health. Taking care of the feet is 80% health but also 20% cosmetic.

Click here to purchase the new Refreshing Foot Cream

Our Refreshing Foot Cream is one of the gift ideas in this year’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide

National Chili Month!

October is National Chili Month and since we here at True Botanica love chili, we were hoping you would share your favorite recipes! One lucky winner will receive a True Life Sea Salt and Pepper combo gift! Simply send your favorite chili recipe to We’ll be sure to share the recipes with you next week!

You also don’t want to miss True Botanica’s very own chili cookoff! Next week all of the coworkers will bring in a pot of their finest chili and vote on who is the chili champion!

Be sure to check back for details.

Happy cooking!

True Botanica Fall Favorites

As we are now in to our first official week of Autumn, the True Botanica team thought we would share some of our Fall Favorites! 


As much as I wish summer could last forever, I will admit that Fall does have certain advantages.  Obviously the changing colors of the surrounding Wisconsin landscape are nothing short of breathtaking and nothing compares to the feeling I get when I catch that first whiff of autumn in the air.  But there is more than that.  Around the middle of September, after a long summer hiatus, I rediscover my love for baking.  And it is exciting when those creative juices start to flow and I get to put together Halloween costumes for the kids.  Here is a photo of my son in his costume, maybe it will help to get your creative juices flowing.


Halloween is always a blast, I really love getting creative with costumes for both myself and my husband (whether he likes it or not). I also get very in to pumpkin carving, it’s such a fun Fall art project! Another perk is being able to get “fall fresh” apples and squash from the Farmer’s Market. My favorite fashion part of Fall is black sweater turtlenecks. I’m made fun of for this, but every year since college I find a black sweater turtleneck and buy 2 of the same one I like and wear them all the time!


Fall is hands down my favorite season! Especially living in Wisconsin and seeing how beautiful the trees look as their leaves change colors. The tree outside of the True Botanica office is still one of my favorites to watch change, as you can see in this picture from last year. This is also my ideal time to enjoy running outside because the extreme heat from the summer has tapered off and the cold has yet to set in, making it the perfect climate for a mud run! I also love fall clothes when I can finally bring out all of my scarves and my favorite boots!



True Botanica

We also have a few Fall Favorite True Botanica products, perfect to keep you healthy during all of your favorite fall activities: Lung Root and Elderberry Thyme Syrup help soothe the throat while the Throat Defense provides the immune support you need for all of your favorite Fall activities. Since many of these favorties take place outside, try the Hand & Body Cream to keep your skin smooth as the weather changes.

What are some of your Fall Favorites?

Philia’s Garden – Harvesting!

This past weekend Philia, with the help of Dr. Andrea Rentea, harvested the first 2 zucchinis from her garden! Check out the pictures below and be sure to check back as Philia keeps us updated on the progress of her garden!

Want to see where it all started? Read the original post and past update if you missed them the first time.


Please share your gardening tips, especially advice on how you keep your garden growing during times of extreme heat and draught.

Yes, Virginia, you can always tell the truth in the USA, and yes, there is a Santa Claus.

Dear Dr. Rentea,

My name is Virginia and I am 8 years old.

Some of my friends say that we can always tell the whole truth in the USA. Is that so?

My Papa says, “Write the guys at the True Botanica company. (But I have also decided to write to the TB Foundation). See what they say. They always tell the whole truth”. (I don’t know why but then he had a hearty laugh.)

So I am writing to you: Please tell me: Can I always tell the truth in the USA?

Dear Virginia,

It’s confusing out there and your friends are both right and wrong. Let me explain.

First of all, you can, and you should, always, and I mean always, be honest and truthful with yourself.

Secondly you can, and you should, tell people around you the truth but only to the extent to which they can take it. While you do that help them to grow strong enough to tolerate the whole truth in due time. After all that’s what God does with us.   

Then, if you keep all that in mind, when you are in public pretty much you can tell the truth as long as you are not in the business of manufacturing natural supplements.  

You see, for example, if you are a manufacturer of a wonderful product containing berberine you cannot say that it may help people in the managing of diabetes – even though it is the truth. Dozens upon dozens of studies have shown that this natural plant extract does just that, but you cannot say it. Why? Because under an antiquated law only “drugs” can improve, or “mitigate” illnesses and in order for a substance to become a drug you need to spend millions of dollars in order to get it approved by the Food and Drug  (FDA) administration. 

Here is another example. If you are producing a bag of tart cherries you cannot say on the same page where you display the product that tart cherries have been shown to lower uric acid levels and help with gout because that would make the tart cherries an “unapproved drug” and selling them as such can land you in jail.

We and many companies like us encounter this problem every day and you and your parents suffer because of it. We will never lie to you but we cannot tell you the whole truth either, which is that our ingredients are based on research that proves that they are effective in certain disease states.

I know that this is nonsense Virginia but the government has determined that we should only list our products and then instead of telling you right then and there what the research shows about those items we should let you hunt around the internet on your own in order to find out more details about them. This way instead of having licensed physicians (in our case) present carefully screened and balanced material you may then get the opinions of real quacks and the very snake oil peddlers that the government is trying to protect you from.

The problem is, Virginia, that the Supreme Court recently determined that you can even lie in some fields because freedom of speech needs to be safeguarded. If you lie about having earned military honors it may be annoying to your friends and neighbors but you are not going to have the government come after you and maybe put you in jail. But the Supreme Court has not gotten around to determining that under the First Amendment you can tell the truth in the supplement manufacturing field.

Sadly Virginia there are many powerful groups in the natural and food industry that fight to make sure those bad laws get followed by everybody and thus supposedly we create an “even playing field.” We should concentrate more on changing the bad laws rather than worrying about how to make them manageable. Otherwise it would be same as arguing which is the most humane way to treat slaves. Let’s abolish slavery!

Maybe you can ask your parents to help us do something about it.

Have a Wonderful 4th of July!

Ross Rentea MD

P.S. Since in our country, by and large, freedom of speech is protected, be careful, since people may not always be truthful with you. Watch out what comes at you. If say, in 20 years from now people tell you that you are really thin you should first look in the mirror before taking their word for it.

And one more thing. I think it was your great – grandmother that asked the editor of the New York Sun back in 1897 whether there is a Santa Claus. Virginia, I agree with him that yes, there is a Santa Claus, and totally honest freedom of speech, where you can tell the whole truth, lives in the same place of the loving heart that Santa Claus lives in.

Again Happy 4th of July.

True Botanica Travel Essentials

One True Botanica coworker is going on vacation and of course couldn’t forget to pack a few of her True Botanica Travel Essentials.

Suitecase with True Botanica products

In my suitcase you’ll find:

  • Throat Defense: Let’s be honest, crowded planes are not the most germ-free of places. Thankfully my Throat Defense Berry is small enough that I can bring it with me when I travel to give me extra immune support.
  • Clear and Calm: I’m not a fan of flying, but the Clear and Calm helps keep me relaxed before and during my flight. I’m sure my travel buddies will be relieved to hear of that!
  • AKBA Plus: The last thing I want to spend my vacation doing is sneezing and wheezing. I already take AKBA Plus daily, so why stop on vacation?
  • Face Moisturizing Cream: This is part of my morning routine so whenever I travel I make sure to bring my Face Moisturizing Cream, especially when I know I’ll be outside in the sun and need to keep my skin moisturized.
  • Relief 4x Cream: I’m sure we’ll be walking around and seeing all there is to see, so I know the Relief 4x Cream will be just what I for my aching legs at the end of the day.

What are some of your travel essentials?

Philia’s Garden — Update!

A few weeks ago we told you how one True Botanica coworker was starting to prepare her garden. If you missed that post, you can get caught up to speed here. We promised to keep you posted on her progress, so here it is!

This year I decided to take on the project of trying to grow vegetables using biodynamic seeds in organic soil! Next year I will try and expand this by using biodynamic preparations in the dirt.

Because there was no good space for our garden, we decided to build a raised vegetable bed, concept, design and inspiration came from this article . We ended up using Cedar for the wood, and then gave it a food safe mineral oil wash to keep it looking good throughout the year. Along the way there were various points of excitement; the ground breaking,  having to fill the bed with the dirt at 8pm at night (the dirt had mistakenly been delivered on the wrong day and left in the alley for us to move) and then finally seeing the raised bed finished and planted. Check out some pictures from start-finish of the project.

Planter box 1 Planter box 2

Planter box 3 Planter box 4

Planter box 5 Planter box 7

Spring Essentials!

Now that we are well in to spring, we thought we’d share some of our favorite must-have products for the season. Read on as a few True Botanica coworkers share some of their Spring Essentials:


Wisconsin winters are so cold and I spend most of them in hibernation mode… until spring finally rolls in and I catch a severe case of Spring Fever!!  No more Couch Potato, I want to do nothing but run, ride my bike, dig up the garden, play sand volleyball and chase the kids around the yard.  The morning after a good full day, my body reminds me that, although I sometimes act like it, I am not the spry teenager I once was.  I keep the Relief 4x Cream on my nightstand (to take the edge off), and a bottle of Joint Relief Plus in the medicine cabinet (to keep my joints healthy for springs-to-come).     


This spring I’ve been working on my first garden using organic and biodynamic seeds. It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun (so far). All of the prep work has involved a lot of digging in the dirt, and in turn, washing my hands. I’ve used the Hand & Body Moisturizer to keep my skin soft and moisturized. I’ve also been outside quite a bit in the sun and wind and make sure to keep my Boswellia Lip Balm in my pocket at all times to keep my lips smooth.  I’ve been tracking the progress of my garden so be sure to check back for updates on how my garden is coming along!


My body tends to be pretty sensitive to the changing of the season and with it comes the sneezing and dreaded “clogged up” feeling in my head. I’m not one to sit still, so I make sure to have a bottle of Sinus Plus and AKBA Plus nearby. Both have helped clear up my head so I can breathe freely and go on with my day. I already take the AKBA Plus daily to help with post-workout stiffness, so adding the Sinus Plus was an easy adjustment.

Patrick’s (a new addition after Memorial Day)

This weekend I took advantage of the warm weather and fired up the grill. I made steak, crusted with our True Life Pepper (coarse). Just load it on so it soaks in before tossing it on the grill. It really adds a great flavor and is quick and easy. Right before I serve the steaks I sprinkle on the True Life Sea Salt as a final touch. The Sea Salt also goes great on grilled vegetables.

What are your Spring Essentials??

April Showers Bring May Flowers

One True Botanica coworker shares this photo of her backyard. Have the April showers brought your yard or garden blooming May flowers?

Philia’s Garden – Just in Time for Earth Day

One True Botanica coworker prepared her garden, just in time for Earth Day. Read on as she shares how she got started.

This year for the first time I decided to try planting a vegetable and herb garden using organic soil and biodynamic seeds! I decided to plant tomatoes, thyme, zucchini, broccoli, basil and carrots.

Biodynamic SeedsPotted seeds_side 2

Hopefully in 4-6 weeks my seedlings will be ready to plant out doors when I plant them. I’m very excited to see how my garden progresses. Stay tuned, as I will be posting updates along the way!

Philia's Seeds - Potted

What are you planting in your garden? Have you considered using biodynamic methods? Do you have any gardening tips? Let us know by commenting below!