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True Botanica is now on Facebook and Twitter

True Botanica is now on Facebook and Twitter

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Dear Friends, Dear Readers,

If you believe that there should be a place:

  • where your voice and needs are heard concerning your health in body, soul and spirit; (Is there any topic that does not affect your health and lifestyle?);
  • where causes of health and illness can be explored in depth from the point of view of both physical and spiritual aspects and beyond the latest vogue and clichés;
  • where you can engage in conversations concerning anthroposophical medicine and pharmacy, biodynamic agriculture, eurhythmy, Waldorf pedagogy, etc as they relate to your health;
  • where certified anthroposophical  licensed physicians contribute to the exchange;
  • where the spiritual scientific research of Rudolf Steiner is respected and deepened;

then  you have come to the right place and

We welcome you to the conversation.