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My Favorite Product – Philia

My favorite True Botanica product is the Cleansing Cream (seriously, I use it every day).

This all natural facial cleanser provides a mild exfolition that leaves my skin feeling smooth without drying it out. The exfoliation is gentle enough toTrue Botanica employee holding Cleansing Cream use on a daily basis, unlike other face cleansing products with exfoliation too harsh to use every day. Even in the winter months, when my skin tends to dry out, the Cleansing Cream renews my skin without being abrasive.

This clay based cleanser leaves your face feeling refreshed and renewed without leaving behind any oily residue. This is why I tell all of my friends to use it, because the Cleansing Cream is suitable for any complexion. Another perk to it having the clay base is a small amount goes a long way. Plus, it feels great to know every ingredient in the Cleansing Cream is organic or biodynamic.

Pair it with the Face Moisturizing Cream for an all natural way to bring out your face’s natural glow and radiance. Who wouldn’t want that?

Tell us your favorite product and why.

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