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Stomach Aid’s Dual Function Support

Dual Function

The combination of calcium carbonate and enzymes in our Stomach Aid fulfills a dual function by:

  • Alleviating the occasional heartburn – by neutralizing stomach acid;
  • Continuing to support the digestive processes – through enzymes that have been selected to function at this more comfortable pH level.

Stomach acid is an essential requirement for the digestion and absorption of many nutrients. In preparations where only an antacid is used, the stomach digestion is incomplete (since most stomach enzymes do not work well in a neutral environment) and undigested food particles may cause problems such as: bloating, gas and discomfort in the intestinal tract and even disturbances in the immune system if undigested food particles reach the blood.

This is why it is advantageous for a formula to combine an antacid function with digestive enzymes functions that even in a changed environment.

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