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Bike to Work Week

This week is Bike to Work Week. Read why one True Botanica coworker, Heidi, bikes to the True Botanica office whenever she can.

Heidi with Bike

YES!! It is finally warm enough outside to ride my bike-and I’m going to ride it everywhere!!  I’ll explore my new neighborhood, run errands, grab an ice cream cone, RIDE TO WORK!  If you didn’t already know, this week (May 13-17) is “Bike To Work Week” and my personal goal is to bike my 25 mile round-trip commute 2 days this week, and at least once a week every week for the remainder of the summer.  There are so many great reasons to bike to work: eliminate hassles with parking, avoid rush hour congestion, reduce air pollution, and of course I must mention the great health benefits!  Why pay for a Gym membership when you can get your cardio in during your commute?  The first step is planning your route- safety should be your top priority.  Then commit to a date, check the weather obsessively (including wind speed—very important), wake up early, and go!