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Philia’s Garden – Harvesting!

This past weekend Philia, with the help of Dr. Andrea Rentea, harvested the first 2 zucchinis from her garden! Check out the pictures below and be sure to check back as Philia keeps us updated on the progress of her garden!

Want to see where it all started? Read the original post and past update if you missed them the first time.


Please share your gardening tips, especially advice on how you keep your garden growing during times of extreme heat and draught.

Philia’s Garden — Update!

A few weeks ago we told you how one True Botanica coworker was starting to prepare her garden. If you missed that post, you can get caught up to speed here. We promised to keep you posted on her progress, so here it is!

This year I decided to take on the project of trying to grow vegetables using biodynamic seeds in organic soil! Next year I will try and expand this by using biodynamic preparations in the dirt.

Because there was no good space for our garden, we decided to build a raised vegetable bed, concept, design and inspiration came from this article http://organicgardening.about.com/od/startinganorganicgarden/a/raisedbed.htm . We ended up using Cedar for the wood, and then gave it a food safe mineral oil wash to keep it looking good throughout the year. Along the way there were various points of excitement; the ground breaking,  having to fill the bed with the dirt at 8pm at night (the dirt had mistakenly been delivered on the wrong day and left in the alley for us to move) and then finally seeing the raised bed finished and planted. Check out some pictures from start-finish of the project.

Planter box 1 Planter box 2

Planter box 3 Planter box 4

Planter box 5 Planter box 7

Spring Essentials!

Now that we are well in to spring, we thought we’d share some of our favorite must-have products for the season. Read on as a few True Botanica coworkers share some of their Spring Essentials:


Wisconsin winters are so cold and I spend most of them in hibernation mode… until spring finally rolls in and I catch a severe case of Spring Fever!!  No more Couch Potato, I want to do nothing but run, ride my bike, dig up the garden, play sand volleyball and chase the kids around the yard.  The morning after a good full day, my body reminds me that, although I sometimes act like it, I am not the spry teenager I once was.  I keep the Relief 4x Cream on my nightstand (to take the edge off), and a bottle of Joint Relief Plus in the medicine cabinet (to keep my joints healthy for springs-to-come).     


This spring I’ve been working on my first garden using organic and biodynamic seeds. It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun (so far). All of the prep work has involved a lot of digging in the dirt, and in turn, washing my hands. I’ve used the Hand & Body Moisturizer to keep my skin soft and moisturized. I’ve also been outside quite a bit in the sun and wind and make sure to keep my Boswellia Lip Balm in my pocket at all times to keep my lips smooth.  I’ve been tracking the progress of my garden so be sure to check back for updates on how my garden is coming along!


My body tends to be pretty sensitive to the changing of the season and with it comes the sneezing and dreaded “clogged up” feeling in my head. I’m not one to sit still, so I make sure to have a bottle of Sinus Plus and AKBA Plus nearby. Both have helped clear up my head so I can breathe freely and go on with my day. I already take the AKBA Plus daily to help with post-workout stiffness, so adding the Sinus Plus was an easy adjustment.

Patrick’s (a new addition after Memorial Day)

This weekend I took advantage of the warm weather and fired up the grill. I made steak, crusted with our True Life Pepper (coarse). Just load it on so it soaks in before tossing it on the grill. It really adds a great flavor and is quick and easy. Right before I serve the steaks I sprinkle on the True Life Sea Salt as a final touch. The Sea Salt also goes great on grilled vegetables.

What are your Spring Essentials??

Philia’s Garden – Just in Time for Earth Day

One True Botanica coworker prepared her garden, just in time for Earth Day. Read on as she shares how she got started.

This year for the first time I decided to try planting a vegetable and herb garden using organic soil and biodynamic seeds! I decided to plant tomatoes, thyme, zucchini, broccoli, basil and carrots.

Biodynamic SeedsPotted seeds_side 2

Hopefully in 4-6 weeks my seedlings will be ready to plant out doors when I plant them. I’m very excited to see how my garden progresses. Stay tuned, as I will be posting updates along the way!

Philia's Seeds - Potted

What are you planting in your garden? Have you considered using biodynamic methods? Do you have any gardening tips? Let us know by commenting below!

What do you do with your banana peels?

Here at True Botanica, we give our banana peels to one of the coworkers, Heidi for her compost. Read on as Heidi shares how she and her family compost year round.Compost Bin

“‘Tis the season for composting, but in my house, compost season lasts all year long thanks to the creepie crawlies that live in my basement!  Any vegetable scraps from the kitchen (orange peels, apple cores, corn cobs, even shredded newspaper) go into our “worm bin”, and after a few weeks, all this waste is transformed into a dark, rich, odor-free compost!  This form of composting, known as “Vermicomposting”, is a great way we reduce our waste output and also make wonderful natural fertilizer for the garden.”

Compost Bin Closeup

Do you compost at home? Share your tips with us below!