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Foot Massage ! For Your Health and Tiredness

An Integral Part of Anthroposophic Therapeutics

We have known for centuries that the whole body, with every single organ, is mapped on the soles of the feet. Foot Reflexology, a treatment that pays attention to this detail, has been successfully practiced due to the understanding that all organs are projected on the foot sole. That means our feet are pretty important!Feet

Massaging the foot can have a significantly invigorating effect on the whole body, both for your health and your energy. After a long day, an evening foot massage can restore a lot of the energy that is lost throughout the day. Not only that, it feels great!

Rudolf Steiner recommends foot massages, for example, in headaches as a means of attracting the astral body to the region opposite the head and decongesting the affected area. Who knew the bottom of your feet could affect how the top of your body feels!

In addition, R. Steiner recommends the massage of the heel in thyroid concerns. He gives, of course, innumerable indications for the feet in the practice of eurythmy. Overall the feet may affect the health of the entire body just by how they affect the position and function of the spinal column.

Using just your hands, or perhaps trying our cream, take time out of your day and give the foot massage a try for your health or to overcome tiredness.

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