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Back to School with True Botanica: Teacher Must-Haves

Part 3: Teacher Must-Haves

This year, we are excited to kickoff a multi-part Back to School Blog Series! In case you missed our previous posts, check out our Student Survival Guide and Parent Must-Haves

We know how important it is for teachers to stay healthy during the busy school year. Here are a few of our suggestions of Back to School natural Products for teachers to keep you healthy and present this year!

Lung Root:
A full spectrum, completely non-alcoholic product containing high quality pelargonium root. The root of Pelargonium sidoides has been known in traditional medicine, and confirmed by modern research, to be a significant support for the immune system and support the health of the lung and upper respiratory tract. Available in Lemon and Menthol.

Throat Defense:
Contains mouth specific probiotics to support the natural respiratory barrier against airborne microbes. The probiotics, BLIS K12, have a dual function: they discharge bacteria-fighting proteins AND replenish the desirable normal cells in the lining of the mouth, crowding out and making it more difficult for the “outside” invaders to establish themselves. Throat Defense comes in two flavors: Berry and Menthol

Prunus Spinosa 6X
This refreshing restoring tonic provides relief, especially from exhaustion. As with all of our OTC Homeopathic/Anthroposophic products, the Kolisko Validation test has been used to show how the final product is significantly greater than a water control!

Strophanthus Kombe 6X
This product helps provide relief against stress, especially exam anxiety (important not just for students, but for teachers too!)

Hawthorn Plus
This product contains organic Hawthorn berry plus the salts of the hawthorn plant. Hawthorn helps keep the heart strong and healthy and supports a normal blood pressure. It also lessens fatigue by invigorating the cardiovascular system.

Multivitamins Plus:
Like many multivitamins it delivers over 100% of the recommended daily dietary needs for most vitamins and basic mineral – but what makes ours stand out is we also include rhythmically prepared herbs, trace minerals and spices that enhance the absorption and utilization of all nutrients. Plus, we include the energizing herb Guarana.

Vital Mind AM
We know the importance of teachers needing to be on their toes, so stay sharp throughout the year, this ginseng containing formula can help you do just that! Ginseng is known for improving functions like: vitality, concentration, attention accuracy, arithmetic ability, working memory speed and more.

Coffee/Pero Products
The newest addition to the True Botanica product line, we are excited to now offer Fresh Roasted Coffee and Decaf Coffee and Regular and Extra Dark Roast Pero! If coffee/pero is already a part of your morning routine, consider purchasing ours, as the profits directly support anthroposophic medical research!

Hand & Body Cream
This hypoallergenic, natural cream provides a deep lasting most moisturizing and renewing effect that absorbs quickly and won’t leave behind a greasy residue.