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Arnica and My Cell Phone

This week we made a fresh batch of Real Arnica Ultra Cream and it reminded us of an article Dr. Rentea wrote. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

My Cell Phone and Arnica!

I was standing in the midst of hundreds of acres of beautiful Biodynamic farms, with the only sound coming from buzzing summer insects, when… my cell phone went off – with a call from 200 miles away. That’s when it struck me! What unimaginable electromagnetic waves we must be exposed to every day if we are “reachable” even when no physical means of contact are visible. Any wonder that we feel constantly on sensory overload? The thought then followed that we need to strengthen our periphery even more than I believed was necessary, to withstand the visible – and invisible –  onslaught against our senses, on our periphery.

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The Highest Quality Arnica!

True Botanica offers three wonderful Arnica products, which help to support pain relief and sore, tired muscles, joints and tissues. What exactly makes True Botanica Arnica products unique?

  • The almond and olive oil base contains no peanut oil, other adulterants or inferior oils.
  • Cucuminoids, St. John’s oil and Jasper minerals act synergistically to make this product even more effective and to direct it to the right tissues.
  • Cosmoperine®, a natural black pepper extract, increases penetration of the oil in to the deep tissues.
  • We still make our oils “by hand” to ensure freshness and to preserve the active components.
  • Special rhythmical processes are used in the course of manufacturing for even greater quality.
  • No artificial preservatives.

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