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Hawthorn Plus – Now Easier to Take

You can now enjoy
Hawthorn Plus in Capsule format.
Same benefits but easier to take!

Do you remember what the special features of our formula are?

Here is a reminder:

Hawthorn Plus

• It contains organic Hawthorn berries;
• It contains the Hawthorn root and the native salts and ashes of the root.
Including the native salts and ashes of the root into the final product is one of the cardinal enhancements that distinguish the TB formulas. The salts and ashes of the root not only make the preparation truly “full spectrum” but, according to an indication of Rudolf Steiner, also enhances the spiritual/energetic Sun quality of the preparation.
Clearly, especially when we are talking about the heart, the “sunny” quality is a much desired quality.
• More than any other preparation the formulas made from berries and seeds benefit the heart and circulation. This is emphasized by Rudolf Steiner.

Hawthorn benefits:

• Supports the heart, invigorates the cardiovascular system (an often overlooked cause of fatigue)!
• Supports a healthy liver ;
• Lessens overall anxiety.

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