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Upcoming Local Lecture- Research in Complementary Medicine

Dr. Ross Rentea will be giving a lecture at the Cudahy Family Library in Cudahy, WI

Tuesday, May 20th from 6-8:00pm.

The Research in Complementary Medicine lecture is free to attend.

For more information, please visit the Cudahy Family Library website.

We hope to see you there!

Invite Us to Your Community

Invite us to your Community!

True Botanica Group 2013

Dear Customers, Colleagues, Friends,

For the last several years the True Botanica Foundation has traveled nationwide educating audiences in anthroposophy and anthroposophic medicine.

We would be happy to come to your community – large or small – and give workshops or lectures should there be interest in any of the following (or other) topics:

  • Anthroposophic answers in the treatment of illnesses (metabolic, cardiovascular, women’s health concerns, etc);
  • Emotional healing with anthroposophic remedies (overcoming stress, grief, traumas, etc);
  • Understanding constitutional types in children and dealing with children’s problems;
  • Learning eurythmy movements for daily practice;
  • Presentations on the esoteric basis of anthroposophic medicine;
  • Breakthroughs in anthroposophic medical research and new anthroposophic remedies.
  • Goetheanistic approaches to human physiology and natural science.

These presentations are offered by the doctors leading the TB Company and the TB Foundation. We have over 30 years of practice in anthroposophic medicine and over 40 years in study and living with anthroposophy.

You may see example of past educational activities on our Foundation website http://www.truebotanicafoundation.org/events/ .

We would assume essentially all the costs involved (f. ex. travel) and rely on donations to support the continuation of these activities.

We would be grateful for your support and suggestions in “spreading the word”.

Friendly yours,

Ross Rentea MD and the True Botanica Foundation

True Botanica Foundation Fall Conference – Registration Now Available

We are pleased to announce 

This year’s annual True Botanica Foundation Fall Conference:

Principles and Practice of Anthroposophic Medicine

Thursday, October 17th – Sunday, October 20th, 2013
True Botanica Foundation
Hartland, WI

Register early – Space is limited!

Register Now Button

Click here for full Conference Brochure
For full details, please visit the True Botanica Foundation website

Main objectives:

  • Presenting a new method for verifying anthroposophic/homeopathic remedies (The Kolisko Validation™)
  • Reviewing clinical applications with potentized remedies in real life situations
  • Intense group practice, discussion and Q&A sessions
  • Training in Eurythmy… And more!

We hope to see you there!

Please contact the True Botanica Foundation at info@truebotanicafoundation.org with questions.

True Botanica Foundation June Webinar

The next True Botanica Foundation webinar, How to Increase the Effectiveness of Anthroposophic Therapies (several examples including the “Reservoir concept”) will be offered on June 12th at 3:00pm CST.

This is the third session of Training in Anthroposophic Medicine, a free webinar course.

Click here to register for the webinar.

For full details regarding the webinar course, please visit the True Botanica Foundation website.

Seeds in the lab

Training in Anthroposophical Medicine – A Free Webinar Course

The True Botanica Foundation is proud to announce a webinar series that will allow participants to expand their knowledge of Anthroposophical Medicine. Although open to all with the interest in the topic, the course is mainly geared toward practicing therapists. As it develops month after month, we hope to satisfy the needs of both beginners and of those with more advanced experience.

Next seminar, Wednesday, May 15th at 3PM CST: Understanding Anthroposophical Potencies (Part 2) with Practical Applications

Certificate of Course Completion offered

Webinar recordings and notes available beginning May 1st.

True Botanica Foundation Lab_Seeds

Click here to register now.

For full details, please visit: http://www.truebotanicafoundation.org/training-in-anthroposophical-medicine-a-webinar-course/

A Weekend Workshop: Achieving Comprehensive Health with Anthroposophic Medicine

A Weekend Workshop:

Achieving Comprehensive Health with Anthroposophic Medicine

Presented by: Dr. Ross Rentea

March 22-24
Location: Starflower Essentials – Sarasota, FL 

 The True Botanica Foundation invites you to attend this weekend workshop where both general principles and very specific suggestions will be given on how to enhance our well being on a physical and spiritual level.

Space is limited.

To reserve a seat, call 941-554-4292

Workshop Fee: $25.00 

We Hope to see you there!

  Click here for full program brochure

The True Botanica Foundation Team

 Our physicians would be happy to come to your community and offer workshops and training. Let us know if your community would like to learn more about anthroposophical medicine or other anthroposophically related topics!

Please contact info@truebotanicafoundation.org or call 262-912-0970 ext. 6 with any questions about the True Botanica Foundation.

Today is Giving Tuesday – What You Do Makes a Difference

Our Heartfelt Appeal to All

Dear Friends,

After spending a day of Thanks and two days of spending, today is Charitable Giving Tuesday.

We want to describe to you a project that we cannot do alone. We are hoping for community help.

We are a not for profit foundation, the True Botanica Foundation, essentially dedicated to  building a laboratory exclusively designed for research in natural medicine.

Much progress has already been made and you can find a lot of information on our website, www.truebotanicafoundation.org.

Three licensed physicians are devoting their time to this project (and may we add, on a voluntary basis).

Our co-workers are heartfelt, wonderful people.

But we cannot continue this impulse just on our own.


Every dollar counts and is appreciated.  All donations are tax deductable.

The need for such a lab is tremendous! It benefits everybody!

Click here to find out more about the lab and learn how YOU can help us reach our fundraising target! 

Gratefully yours,

For the True Botanica Foundation

Ross Rentea MD, Mark Kamsler MD

Join Us in Building an Experimental Laboratory

Our Heartfelt Appeal to All

Dear Friends,

We want to describe to you a project that we cannot do alone. We are hoping for community help.

Anthroposophic, homeopathic and for that matter of fact all natural health fields suffer of one overwhelming deficiency: no research laboratory in which basic questions of natural medicine can be investigated in an effective, cost efficient, affordable manner.

Such research should ideally show the working of spiritual forces in the physical world.

We are ready to build such a lab!

Gratefully yours,

The True Botanica Foundation

Don’t Miss Out – Early Bird Discount!

True Botanica Foundation Logo


The early bird discount on registration for the October conference

runs out Sunday, July 15th!

Anthroposophy and Homeopathy:

Successful Use of High Dilution Remedies in Everyday Practice

October 19th – 21st in Chicago, IL.

We are very excited about this year’s conference, especially with its approved 12.5 CME’s for virtually all health professionals. The conference is geared primarily to therapists but other interested professionals, visitors and friends will find the content stimulating also and are welcomed to register too.

For full information, please visit the True Botanica Foundation at: http://www.truebotanicafoundation.org/true-botanica-2012-fall-conference/

We hope to see you there!!!

Yes, Virginia, you can always tell the truth in the USA, and yes, there is a Santa Claus.

Dear Dr. Rentea,

My name is Virginia and I am 8 years old.

Some of my friends say that we can always tell the whole truth in the USA. Is that so?

My Papa says, “Write the guys at the True Botanica company. (But I have also decided to write to the TB Foundation). See what they say. They always tell the whole truth”. (I don’t know why but then he had a hearty laugh.)

So I am writing to you: Please tell me: Can I always tell the truth in the USA?

Dear Virginia,

It’s confusing out there and your friends are both right and wrong. Let me explain.

First of all, you can, and you should, always, and I mean always, be honest and truthful with yourself.

Secondly you can, and you should, tell people around you the truth but only to the extent to which they can take it. While you do that help them to grow strong enough to tolerate the whole truth in due time. After all that’s what God does with us.   

Then, if you keep all that in mind, when you are in public pretty much you can tell the truth as long as you are not in the business of manufacturing natural supplements.  

You see, for example, if you are a manufacturer of a wonderful product containing berberine you cannot say that it may help people in the managing of diabetes – even though it is the truth. Dozens upon dozens of studies have shown that this natural plant extract does just that, but you cannot say it. Why? Because under an antiquated law only “drugs” can improve, or “mitigate” illnesses and in order for a substance to become a drug you need to spend millions of dollars in order to get it approved by the Food and Drug  (FDA) administration. 

Here is another example. If you are producing a bag of tart cherries you cannot say on the same page where you display the product that tart cherries have been shown to lower uric acid levels and help with gout because that would make the tart cherries an “unapproved drug” and selling them as such can land you in jail.

We and many companies like us encounter this problem every day and you and your parents suffer because of it. We will never lie to you but we cannot tell you the whole truth either, which is that our ingredients are based on research that proves that they are effective in certain disease states.

I know that this is nonsense Virginia but the government has determined that we should only list our products and then instead of telling you right then and there what the research shows about those items we should let you hunt around the internet on your own in order to find out more details about them. This way instead of having licensed physicians (in our case) present carefully screened and balanced material you may then get the opinions of real quacks and the very snake oil peddlers that the government is trying to protect you from.

The problem is, Virginia, that the Supreme Court recently determined that you can even lie in some fields because freedom of speech needs to be safeguarded. If you lie about having earned military honors it may be annoying to your friends and neighbors but you are not going to have the government come after you and maybe put you in jail. But the Supreme Court has not gotten around to determining that under the First Amendment you can tell the truth in the supplement manufacturing field.

Sadly Virginia there are many powerful groups in the natural and food industry that fight to make sure those bad laws get followed by everybody and thus supposedly we create an “even playing field.” We should concentrate more on changing the bad laws rather than worrying about how to make them manageable. Otherwise it would be same as arguing which is the most humane way to treat slaves. Let’s abolish slavery!

Maybe you can ask your parents to help us do something about it.

Have a Wonderful 4th of July!

Ross Rentea MD

P.S. Since in our country, by and large, freedom of speech is protected, be careful, since people may not always be truthful with you. Watch out what comes at you. If say, in 20 years from now people tell you that you are really thin you should first look in the mirror before taking their word for it.

And one more thing. I think it was your great – grandmother that asked the editor of the New York Sun back in 1897 whether there is a Santa Claus. Virginia, I agree with him that yes, there is a Santa Claus, and totally honest freedom of speech, where you can tell the whole truth, lives in the same place of the loving heart that Santa Claus lives in.

Again Happy 4th of July.